Sabtu, November 17, 2007

enough for this : hopefully

Alhamdulillah, dgn izinNya sy masih lagi berkesempatan membuat renovation kepada blog ini...
nape sy suke tukar templetes@skin@nama yg seakan-akan membawa maksud dgnnye..
ENTAH ...!
sy pun kurang pasti...wee~

Lama sudah rasenye sy tak mengupdate blog ini.. stelah perubahan demi perubahan blaku pada blog ini... Harap inilah kali terakhir sy menukarnye.. kenapa sy tukar yg dahulu? hu3 no komen...

But I got an interesting post from my friend, miss leya..

HERE it is... =)

why talk about big acts when small ones are not even done.

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
Any direction you choose.
[Dr. Seuss ]

some say i'm choosy. but i'd rather say i'm making my choice.
of which i have the right to.
and so does each one of us.

and i mean choice as a consumer.

we all feel strongly about what's happening to our brothers n sisters in the middle east. we do recognise who are responsible for that. we are aware that we too must play a part in putting that to a stop. in whatever little way we are capable of.
isn't boycotting a way?

i find it disgusting that people talk endlessly yet zero act from their part. they say they hate certain countries for oppressing muslims. "if only i can kill that man, if only i can turn the gun the other way round...blah blah" and that is all. they talk of the impossible and do nothing that they are actually very capable of. sounds like hypocrisy isnt it? why talk about big acts when small ones are not even done.

it is not actually that hard to boycott. well, it is hard to boycott all, especially since we are not actually sure of all the products that contributes to the 'dark forces'. but excluding all the no-other-choice stuff, there are still tons we can live (better) without.
the fast foods. they're not even healthy to begin with. so why do we need to put 2 lives at risk : the people at the gun's end and our own's? it's tried and tested - people don't die not eating fast food. well, if u must to..sometimes might be acceptable. but some just live on fast foods. doesn't each bite hurt your conscience?
soft drinks. same points. with the mentioned above. i dont actually live that healthily yet some sense in me does fear that fizziness of those drinks. u totally can live without them. trust me.
do i have any more not now... i guess..
there are of course a lot others but if these 2 non-necessity stuff can be excluded from our life, that's a good enough start i guess.

why notttt???

~ dikarangolehalia~