Isnin, Julai 16, 2012

Moment during "Back to School"

Program Alumni Shah Pekan dengan adik-adik Shah Pekan.

(This event conducted on last two years Ramadhan,   :)
 Subhanallah really felt special feeling 
when Iftar at Dewan Makan and did the Tarawekh prayer at Surau SHAH (forgive me, I forget the surau name...)  

My lovely teachers ! 

Alia & Fifi and behind them are the senior.. :)

With Rashidah (Lovely Juniors) and blue girls (sorry dik, akak forgot your name ).. 

Kak Zaffan's slot 

Very sweet seniors..

Juniors and seniors and now we are Alumni. SHAH. :)

[ There's something happen and makes me remember back all those things that happen during my Secondary school at SHAH Pekan. (Boarding School)

Pasti ada hikmahNya :)