Rabu, Mei 06, 2009

The way~

Alice said, "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat.
"I don't much care where --" said Alice.
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cat
"--so long as I get somewhere, " Alice added.

-Alice in Wonderland-

for the video:link


Alhamdulillah, All praise to Allah..
[Wanna close this day with this post..]

Let's us find ourself,
ya! our own self..
do we really know
where we
ought to go?


do we follow that way (the way we ought to go)... ?


simply go
the way
that we
want to go?


both are ways

but which way is the BEST??


as long as we don't care where we want to go..

till then,

we just don't care which way we take..

If we really know,
why we are not follow?

We wanna get the best,
why don't give our Very Best?

Oh Allah,
Oh Allah,
forgive us when we whine..


-one of the reminder cards-

It reminds me a lot that,
Always remember our mistake..,
so that we will not simply see others mistake
as a Big mistake..

only as long as the mistake not against
what Allah said..
and what Rasulullah taught..
but if the mistake is clearly against Islam,
~Cepat2 kita perbetulkan dan mohon taubat daripada-Nya~]

It is advised for me to..~
"...love deeply and forgive quickly..." :)

~second reminder for us~

There is a place in which I love to be...

There is a place in which I love to be
when I'm discouraged by defeat,
insulted by those that I love,
and disappointed by my irresponsibility

there is a place in which I need to be...
When commitments are weakened,
Diamonds stop shining
and strengths are forgotten...

There is one place in which I love to be...

Down on my knees,
with tears in my heart,
my head to the floor.

In submission to God
is the only place in which I love to be..

-copy paste from somewhere-



As I'm also..
try hard to choose and follow the correct way..

May all of us filled with strength..
Strength from Allah..

Salam Mujahadah.. :)

Wanna do mujahadah??
Hope so... :)

So, Have a click on here ,
for some beneficial Tips..


~si penguin~ berkata...

"...love deeply and forgive quickly..."

easy to say,hard to do~ :)

p/s: sori for every single thing that i did wrong n might hurt u....

cahaya berkata...

to ~si penguin~ :)

betul tu..
it's hard to do..:)
but then,
we need to try hard to do..
as I'm still try hard to do.. :D

[hu3.. bukan dodol eh.. :P]

~Sometimes, perbezaan membuatkan kita tak bersama..
Sorry juga dik, for the differences..~

tp xpe..
Jom sama2 kita mohon ampun dariNya...
biasakan yang betul,
betulkan yang biasa.. [dipetik dr Al-Kuliyyah]

sdg akak pun tak lari dari melakukan kesalahan..~

Hanya kepada Dia tempat kita kembali dan hadapkan amalan2...

Jom Sama2 Mujahadah,dik.. :)

Uhibbuki fillah.. ^_^