Ahad, Januari 23, 2011

Upgrading English for Ummah. =)

I'm in the process of upgrading my English, for Da'awah purpose.. :)
So come..
join and be with me,
together we improving and upgrading our English..!!
InsyaAllah, my post will be more in English..

Here some beneficial tips..

from : Effortless english.
I'm not yet subscribe it..
but the most important things,
use his advises.. InsyaAllah, it helps alot..

Hikmah is anywhere, and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said that,
If you find hikmah, you may take it..as it's belongs to Islam..

reminder : this video will remain as video..
everything is up to YOU.

remember.. do everything becoz to get Allah bless..
not for for this temporary dunia..
We put effort to do the best, and let's Allah do the rest.. :)