Rabu, Disember 14, 2011

If you never failed,
you never learned.

dari : http://www.irfankhairi.com/blog/motivasi/outsiders-edge-kejayaan-mereka-yang-tersisih/

I have read this book quite interesting "The outsider's Edge" by Brent D Taylor. The book was to apply the concept of those who tesisih and those who fail ... more easily achieve success!

In the given example tersbeut books Oprah Winfrey, how out of an orphan, became billionaires. If you want to see the nearest example, how Tan Sri Mokhtar Bukhary of hard living in a wooden house with no bed, becoming a billionaires.

The answer-the outsider's Edge.

That is, those who feel themselves isolated, will have a tremendous spirit to fight for victory. In terms of motivation, those who failed, neglected, left out from the crowd will have a great motivation to get out of the cocoon of hardship and poverty.

From the word "outsider" to show that they are "off" ...

So there is that we can see also, why is the Indonesian people to come to Malaysia to run the business to be Millionaire. How do those who live hard, but given the opportunity, to achieve success. Those who failed in business many times can eventually get.

For me also, what motivates me to achieve success in Internet business is a failure to me 10 years ago in which I only have 3 clients a year. When you feel self-isolation, or fail, then there arises the spirit of extraordinary success.

If we do not attain success, perhaps because we have never failed-segagal-collapse that forced us into the outsider's Edge to raise the spirit of fabulous!