Khamis, Disember 29, 2011

Twins of Faith 2011 (Ilmu & 'Amal)

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t
Alhamdulillah, it's like a dream come true for me.. :)
Alhamdulillah.. Twins of Faith 2011_MasyaAllah..
So many stories to share,
Let these several videos be as my introduction..
InsyaAllah, I'll try to write my own post..
[hopefully~ :D ]

ps: Alhamdulillah wonderful weekend with all
syeikh2, sisters & brothers..
Especially with Kak Ima, Kak Aina, Kak Ila and Kak Fiza ^^

Here are some pictures and points taken from this sister's blog
The plenary theatre. I was told there were close to 4000 participants.
Yeah!! Malaysia Boleh!!! :)

Main Programme

Luqman was so inspired by Syeikh Hussein Yee. The fact that the syeikh inspired my 14yo son, and makes him look forward to another lecture by the syeikh, makes me very2 happy ;) More local scholars should learn how to talk from him. Sharing some great stuffs from the syeikh.
"If you follow the majority, the majority will lead you away from the path of Allah."

"ISLAM=I Shall Love All Mankind"....Neat huh??? :)
"The sources of our knowledge should be the Holy Quran and Sunnah. We r ahli sunnah wal jamaah NOT ahli sunnah wal bida'ah wal jamaah"

Syeikh Hussain Yee elaborated a lot on the importance of seeking knowledge from the source. Every household should at least have the Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim. Okay...let's go book shopping again :)

The workshops
I attended Dr Harlina's session. Such an inspiring lecture.

There is no better way to start your Sunday morning than listening to someone so inspirational. She spoke about women from the eyes of Allah, the eyes of man, the current perception, global women issues...I wish I can share all but there were just too many. Some of the gems that she shared in her lecture;

5 questions that u must ask yourself. And must teach your kids to ask themselves esp at adolescent stage- the stage of finding meaning in life and finding your purpose in life.
1. Who am I?
2. Who created me? (Al-Hujurat;13)
3. What's the purpose of my existence? (Az-Zariyat: 56 & Al-Anam; 165)
4. Why am I here? (Al-Anam; 162-163)
5. Where will I go after my death?
Submission to Allah is our focus. Women never submit to men. U don't belong to your husband. U don't wear hijab bcoz of men. If u do, then u r not doing it right. U can have the worst man as your husband (think Asiah & Firaun) OR have no husband (think Maryam), u still can be the best woman in the eyes of Allah. OR u can have the best man as your husband (think the wife of Prophet Lut a.s and Nuh a.s), and u still end up so screwed. So your worth is not defined by men. Men is just your ticket to jannah. Whoaaaa...!! I like that so much...that's TRUE feminism ;)

Somebody asked her during do u juggle? Considering she's doing so many things. And she actually anticipated the question. Her reply; "If I am a man, would u ask me how do I juggle?" We seldom questions a man how he juggles life, career and family. But that's the favorite question being asked when u confronted a successful career woman. She eventually answered. She decides what she wants to do with ther 24hours. And she believes her family is her strength NOT her liabilities. If we keep giving family and kids as excuses for not doing this and that...then think again. It's all in the mind. How others perceive u depends on how u perceive yourself. Women is like the sun, u energizes people around u.

And she gave advice to all the single ladies out there. Although u don't need a man to attain jannah, and u don't need a man to be the best and reach your maximum potential, don't close your heart to man. Allah has promised for every toyyibat, He will send a toyyibin. SO pray and believe He will grant u the toyyibin :)

They also provide facilities to accomodate the families. Mother's room. For those with babies and toddlers. And u can follow the lecture live from the room.

Kid's Zone. For the young ones. There are ample activities to occupy them.


Qur’an Recitation & Tafsir

You are the Best of Nations_ Sh. Yahya Ibrahim

Sheikh Alaa Elsayed quoted a line from Lion King
when he reminded us to "remember who [we] are".
We are the best of nations as mentioned in the Quran:
You are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin Al-Ma'ruf and forbid Al-Munkar, and you believe in Allah (Surah Al-'Imran, Verse 110).

Q & A _ Sh. Yahya Ibrahim

I'm a Muslim & I'm Proud_Sh. Navaid Aziz

Entertainment_Boonaa Mohammed

Entertainment_Muslim Belal

Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6

Exemplary Women of the Past_ Sh. Alaa ElSayed


Cultural Islam or Islamic Culture_Dr. Bilal Phillips

One Faith, One Family_ Sh. Hussein Yee

Entertainment_Shinji Moriwaki

Entertainment _Mu’adz Dzulke y

Entertainment_Abdullah Rolle


Workshop_Struggling to be a better Muslimah-Wardina Safiyyah

Closing Remarks

Remember who you/we are !

We are the BEST nation.BEST Ummah! :)

Time to carry our TWINS ^^
Ilmu & 'Amal...

Let us struggle to practice('Amal) our knowledge(Ilmu)
Every little effort for goodness is counted ;)