Jumaat, Jun 25, 2010

Dear Sister Marwa Al-Sherbini ...
we won't forget you !

this early morning I just clicking to facebook page of Muxlim
I notice an announcement about "World Hijab Day"

Location:All the world !!!
Time:11:30PM Thursday, July 1st

So dear all my brothers and sisters outside there..
Please.. (1000 times... becoz I'm really hoping that this information is noticed by Malaysian Woman too)
Let's us spread this information..
we still have time... ;)
try our best to reach as many peoples as we can..
then don't forget to do the 2 things in this 1st July..

1st July - As IU also will have its Annual General Meeting..
InsyaAllah.. hope for a blessing day.. ^_^


The Discription of the accident , as there was no cameras inside the court room ,
probably the drawer made a mistake when he drew the guard pointing his gun to the criminal not Marwa's husband , because the fact is the one who was shot was Marwa's husband , not the criminal !!

World Hijab day

Start Time:
Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 11:30pm
End Time:
Friday, July 2, 2010 at 2:30am
All the world !!!


To every woman and every man in the world ,
on July first 2009 Marwa Al-Sherbeini (a muslim pharmacist living in germany wearing the head scarf) was killed during a hearing at a court of law in Dresden, Germany. She was stabbed 18 times by a man against whom she had testified in a criminal case for verbal abuse about wearing an Islamic headscarf.Other noteworthy characteristics of this murder were that the perpetrator was motivated by hostility and prejudice against a race and religion; the criminal offence was committed in front of a child, while also attacking another person who tried to intervene.

we want to honor all Muslim women who are wearing the headscarf (the Hijab) on this day , to announce to all the world that what is happening to the Muslim women in the west is not fair , and doesn't match with the freedom foundations that the western societies was built on .
we want equal treatment to Muslim women who are wearing Hijab , just like other women who don't .
we want a fair punishment to the criminal who murdered Marwa Al-Sherbini .
we want an official protection to all Muslim women in entire Europe , Canada , and the united states !

1- Change your profile picture to Marwa El-Sherbeni's Photo (Event's photo--photo above there)
2- Change your status to a status supporting the Muslim women rights everywhere in the world
3 - share the the event .

Invite all of your friends to announce this day as world Hijab day !

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Administrator's Group :

with shame and disgrace or maybe the fear , the criminal Alex W couldn't face the cameras with his face , so he hided them with a face cover and a sunglasses !

he got finally a 15 years in jail ..is this even sounds fair ?!!


I know and I realize..
that not all the non-muslims are like Alex W..
There is still people who do respect on us (muslimah) and treat us fairly as a human that have freedom..
even, they(non-Muslims) like to address/call us as 'a good girl' :)
even, they are the one who will protect and take care on us
compare with our so called 'brothers',who are the one who not like us..not respect on us..

One reason why this situation happen..
[that (I think) I able to figure out]
is because..

The Understanding.

Dear all peoples outhere..
To Those who are respect on us (Muslim woman that practice Real Muslim life)
we do REALLY respect on you guys too.. ^_^

Thanks a lot..